This theme brings together my published works that you can order directly from this website.
I would like to share with you the professional meetings to which I was invited as a writer.
Finally the party festivities has its importance because to have a balance in life it is in my opinion necessary to leave room for relaxation.




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Mylène ColmarMylène COLMAR, an independent journalist and editorial consultant, in Guadeloupe, who blogs on the latest news from the Caribbean. I highly recommend visiting her website.
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Soualiga PostOne of the most consulted media on the Web which speaks of all the news of Saint-Martin & Sint Maarten. Read the article of Stéphanie CM.



EdilivreÉdilivre is a French publishing house that publishes more than 14,000 authors throughout the world (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Morocco, Tunisia, Congo …) and presents a catalog of more than 22,000 books in paper and (Extract from the Edilivre website). Read the portrait of Stéphanie CM.
 Historical information journal of the island of Saint-Martin / Sint Maarten.

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