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Our current society is often stressed; New technologies are increasingly inviting loneliness and selfishness is born within the family unity. Family weekends decline with time and many concerns take up more room in our life organization. “Living together” is becoming scarce and our young people are clinging to new media to “communicate” with the world. Enjoying family weekends is becoming increasingly rare.

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Yes I breastfed my child up to 19 months

Category : Food

Giving breast to a child remains a personal choice. Many moms decide whether or not to accomplish this act filled with love towards their baby. Others can’t do this due to insufficient lactation.

Here is the testimony of a mother who chose to breastfeed her child:

“I confess that I have favored mixed breastfeeding, alternating with infant formula sold in drugstore. For many reasons this choice seemed to me very sensible as much for the good of the baby as for my own comfort. With 7 years of retreat I realized the benefits of this decision and this until today.

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Wellness daily

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Category : Food , WELLNESS

We live in a world constantly stressed and our daily rhythm disrupts our body system on all levels.

It becomes difficult to pose and breathe a little.

Here are some tips that can help you better understand the passing of time without neglecting SOS of our being.

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7 Keys to limit mosquito bites

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Category : Prevention , WELLNESS

It’s summer weather is nice and warm but the mosquitoes begin to disturb us.

In some tropical countries and regions of the Hexagon, appear diseases such as zika, chikungunya, dengue … that reduce our immune system constantly.
Flee these insects now becomes a long obstacle course and repellents and insecticides are entering a red carpet.
But how to protect themselves from mosquito bites without becoming intoxicated?
I propose 7 keys to better combat the phenomenon.

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5 Keys to prepare his trip

Category : Hobbies , WELLNESS

The summer holidays and the end of the year are synonymous with escape and entertainment.
But for a good stay you better prepare properly without forgetting the details.
Thus, I propose 5 key to properly prepare his trip.

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