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Rencontre professionnelle

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Mylène ColmarMylène COLMAR, an independent journalist and editorial consultant, in Guadeloupe, who blogs on the latest news from the Caribbean. I highly recommend visiting her website.
Read the article of Stéphanie CM.




Soualiga PostOne of the most consulted media on the Web which speaks of all the news of Saint-Martin & Sint Maarten.. Read the article of Stéphanie CM.



EdilivreÉdilivre is a French publishing house that publishes more than 14,000 authors throughout the world (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Morocco, Tunisia, Congo …) and presents a catalog of more than 22,000 books in paper and (Extract from the Edilivre website). Read the portrait of Stéphanie CM.

Historical information journal of the island of Saint-Martin / Sint Maarten. Read the article about Stéphanie CM.




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7 Keys to Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

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Category : EVENT , Festivities

The festive atmosphere of the Holiday season brings us into a whirlwind of euphoria that pushes us to want to become better for the year to come. Thus good New Year’s resolutions can be born. Resolutions are not fantasies and even less wishes. When we are really determined to respect them, they often cause positive changes in our lives. Unfortunately, many people set goals they can never keep and will soon forget about them a month later. How do you make good decisions? So I propose 7 keys to hold the right New Year resolutions.

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Boost tourism in Saint-Martin (French side)

Category : EVENT , Published works

« Living in Saint-Martin since 2008, the author has been observing a notable contrast between Saint-Maarten and Saint-Martin in terms of tourism development.

Many questions pertaining to accumulated delays by the French side in comparison to the Dutch side are ongoing.

More specifically: what strategies can be implemented to insure an attractive and quality touristic product (offer) on the island of Saint-Martin, particularly on the French side?

The aim of this book is to highlight the weaknesses and strengths of both side of the island, compare them to find strategies to implement in order to develop the French side as much as the Dutch side, and taking into account the particularities of the French side. » Soualiga Media

TRADUCTION : Alessandra Fiorillo

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Dynamiser le tourisme à Saint-Martin côté français

Category : EVENT , Published works

Dynamiser le tourisme à Saint-Martin côté français

L’île de Saint-Martin dite « Friendly Island » est dotée de richesses diverses déjà exploitées surtout en partie hollandaise; mais elle n’a pas encore livré tous ses secrets notamment côté français.

L’analyse des choix de développement décidés par le Comité du Tourisme en partie française m’a permis de proposer une mise en œuvre des projets adoptés par des concepts innovants et actuels. L’objectif étant de maximiser le potentiel de l’île dans l’intérêt de tous les acteurs économiques en impliquant la population locale.

Stephanie CM

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Amours Passions et Emotions

Category : EVENT , Published works

Ce recueil rend hommage à l’Amour sous différentes formes.

L’amour passion sans limites avec ses revers qui ne peuvent s’expliquer sans être vécus avec intensité.

La renaissance par la rencontre du grand amour. L’amour infini d’une mère pour son enfant qui vient au monde pour changer sa vie à jamais.

Chacun pourra se reconnaitre à travers ces poèmes et se rappeler que derrière la tempête se cache souvent le beau temps.

Stephanie CM

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