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Who am I?

Originally from the town of Morne-A-L’eau, I was born in Guadeloupe.
Here is my professional career in a few points:
School Social Worker for 2 years at the College Mont des Accords on the island of Saint Martin on the French side (self-esteem project) for students who lack confidence and love of them the same. The final result was positive from the point of view of the education team, who noted a full involvement of adolescents as well as students who demonstrated their talents with their peers. This project is a continuation of the subject of the professional dissertation presented in order to obtain the state diploma of social worker: Motivating students of SEGPA to combat school absenteeism: School social worker role.
As an independent trainer for 2 years, I taught General Culture and Refresher courses in French as part of the preparation of competitions for the civil service in recognized training centers such as GRETA and IFACOM. At the same time Counselor in Social and Professional Integration for adults in great difficulty (accompaniment socio professional) until the end of their projects.
 In charge of Mediation and professional integration (IEJ) with young NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) from 16 to 25 years in the European Cell Division GIP DAIFI for 1 year (accompanying in their professional project and module training Caribbean mobility).
Acting as an author within the framework of the SAS project (with my partners in Soualiga Media) at the College Quartier d’Orléans with adolescents in severe school difficulties with problems of absenteeism and behavior. Mission: to stimulate the interest of young people in schooling (workshops of writing and of oral and body expression + discovery of photography and video). Positive final result: increase in the attendance rate, school involvement of the students concerned and interest in the importance of the school.

Currently a scriptwriter
in the audiovisual company Soualiga Media, I am also politically involved in the UD (Union for Democracy) as Economic and Tourism Development Officer for the island of Saint-Martin (UDJeunes section).

Soon life coach this website has for vocation to help the people to better live in this difficult world.

Degrees acquired :

  • State Diploma of Social Worker (2007)
  • DEESTH: European Diploma of Higher Education in Tourism and Hospitality (2015)
  • Diploma of Competence in Languages ​​(DCL) English level B2 + (2016)

Bibliography :
Amours Passions et Emotions Collection of poems (Edilivre editions 2014).
Dynamiser le Tourisme à Saint-Martin (côté français) (Edilivre editions 2015). Transformation of the professional brief presented in order to obtain my DEESTH (French version).
Boost Tourism in Saint-Martin French side (Edilivre editions 2016). English version: translation by Alessandra FIORILLO interpreter.

Thank you for your interest for this website.
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