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Every year, the International Family Day is set for May 15th. As part of this event, the theme chosen by UNESCO in 2017 emphasizes the role of families in promoting education and the general welfare of their members. This prompts us to reflect on the importance of education within the family and the consequences generated in the community.
With the evolution of our modern society, savoir-vivre tends to disappear and our young people are losing their bearings. Courses of decorum and works on the tableware are developing more and more. But does not education first take place within the family?

Politeness and courtesy are becoming scarce over time and our young people no longer know good manners.
You will say to me, “What can we do to change this?”

With my experience as a mother, I must confess that you often have to repeat yourself, but as time passes and especially with patience and perseverance, the results arrive slowly but surely.
All these reasons motivate me to write an article on this subject in order to share with you some rules that I apply daily with my children
In public places and at home prefer courtesy and courtesy
Ø Let’s teach our children to say “magic words”: Hello; thank you ; please ; goodbye…
Ø Let us introduce our kids from a very early age to reflexes such as giving priority to parents with young children; People with disabilities; the elderly ; Pregnant women (on sidewalks, in narrow passages); Transfer their seats to these same people in public transport, waiting rooms …
Ø Let us teach our offspring the importance of punctuality to an appointment:
O A delay of 5 minutes is allowed for personal appointments
O An advance of 5 or 10 minutes can be seen for a professional appointment or a doctor
O Preventing delays at the earliest
Ø Turn off our laptops or put them on silent or vibrating for urgent and / or important calls (our toddlers will remember later)

Let us teach the basics of TABLE ARTS to our children by teaching them to:
Ø Use the farthest cutlery first. Then, over the course of the dishes, gradually return to the edge of the plate. Especially when you’re in society.
Ø Don’t speak mouth full, chew his food mouth closed and silent
Ø Don’t put anything on the table (wallet, keys, mobile phone …)
Ø Avoid elbows by eating

You will find a lot of books dealing with the arts of the table or arts of receiving, a little less about the other aspects that I quoted, nevertheless you find that it’s possible to make positively evolve our young people in the knowledge to live. But the key is first we parents. Children, with a few exceptions, are often reflective of the values ​​we pass on to them.
As a life coach I will tell you not to give up … on the contrary.
PULL THE HEAD AND REACSE! Take back your place of parents which is essential for the future of your children and more broadly of our young people who will be the adults of tomorrow!

And don’t forget that it’s you who decide the changes in your life!

Stéphanie CM


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