Yes I breastfed my child up to 19 months

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Yes I breastfed my child up to 19 months

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Giving breast to a child remains a personal choice. Many moms decide whether or not to accomplish this act filled with love towards their baby. Others can’t do this due to insufficient lactation.

Here is the testimony of a mother who chose to breastfeed her child:

“I confess that I have favored mixed breastfeeding, alternating with infant formula sold in drugstore. For many reasons this choice seemed to me very sensible as much for the good of the baby as for my own comfort. With 7 years of retreat I realized the benefits of this decision and this until today.

For the child

    Resistance to common infections (colds, otitis, gastro …). The few times it gets sick it doesn’t last more than 2 days with vitamins                                                                                                                                 Emotional bonds are much more developed between us
No problems with colic; Diarrhea; Respiratory infections haven’t been reported since
                                                                                                                                              No caries detected to date
Absence of allergy problems (eczema …)


    2 The mother

    Quick weight loss after my birth (a few months have been enough)
Return of menstruation delayed
Saving for the purchase of formula


Today I don’t regret anything!


After this testimony we talk about the benefits of breastfeeding.

Indeed epidemiological studies deduce that breastfeeding would reduce the risks of breast and ovarian cancer in women especially if this is the exclusive method that is adopted. According to WHO (World Health Organization), this act, carried out over a long period of several months, would promote the sensory and cognitive development of the child and protect him from chronic and infectious diseases.


In the past, mothers who were unable or unwilling to breastfeed had recourse to nurses.

Nowadays things are changing and lactariums (milk banks that collect breast milk twice a week in maternity wards. This milk is taken from women who have just given birth but don’t feed their children.) Of the land little by little. The human milk contained in these banks is reimbursed 100% by the social security (in France) on medical prescription every 10 days. Nevertheless, these highly controlled centers have methods for the preservation and purification of human milk (sterilization, pasteurization, freezing) which decrease or destroy the immunological factors of breast milk.

Also, other mothers use infant formula. According to the C N R T L (National Center of Textual and Lexical Resources) it is a milk whose chemical constitution approximates that of the milk of the woman. In this process, casein and cow’s milk fat are removed. This milk is available in drugstore.


As you can see, all the solutions are possible for mothers who desire or not to give breast or whose lactation isn’t enough to feed their infant correctly.

And don’t forget that it is you who make the decision to breastfeed or not your child according to your situation knowing that other solutions are also conceivable

Stephanie CM

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