“Yes I want it” Part 2

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“Yes I want it” Part 2

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The proposal of marriage is a promise between 2 people. The event is often prepared well in advance by the one who initiated this initiative and imagined or fantasized by the other who is waiting impatiently for this day. Most often this marking moment is symbolized by a ring specially chosen for this purpose. The scenarios can be classical, traditional or / and original as we noted in “Yes I want it” part 1. The goal is to surprise his / her partner.

The ideas proposed in this article will surely help you to make this day a pleasant episode in the soap opera of your life as a couple. So I offer 7 ways to make an unforgettable wedding request.

7 ideas for an unforgettable wedding request:

  • Create a blog specially dedicated to your romance (photos, favorite music and some anecdotes about your couple), to reconstitute your history as a couple.
    Use this blog to declare your flame.
    • Prepare a small romantic track game at home (riddles on post It in the form of way to the room for example) that will end up at the place where the ring is deposited.
    Decorate the bed (dot the mattress with flower petals, small red berries) and write your message using these elements.
    Improve a walk in the wilderness at nightfall. Bend her/his eyes and install small firecrackers-fireworks to make your request under a shower of shooting stars.
    Picnic on the beach, (place candles on your most beautiful tablecloth dotted with petals of flowers, luminous pearls …). For example at sunset, take your other to the sea and place lighted lamps on the sand in the form of a heart to make the request.
    Install garlands of light outside your home (in your garden or on your balcony), so that they write “Marry Me! «
    Break the traditions by asking your man in marriage: But first of all, think carefully about your deep motivations for this desire for union and then try the field to evaluate his predisposition to engagement. Choose the place, the moment and be spontaneous. It will only be pleasantly surprised.With all these ideas that you can customize at your convenience, chances are that your partner will respond “Yes” without hesitation.

And remember that! It’s you who decide the changes in your life!

Stephanie CM

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