«Yes, I want it! » Part 1

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«Yes, I want it! » Part 1

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In our current society, it appears that weddings are returning to fashion and seem to be an important step for young people. But to pass this course it is necessary first to ask the hand of his other hoping that it answers “YES”.
The proposal of marriage ‘scenario requires a good deal of thought for the person who originated it. The aim is to dazzle, to impress the beloved Being, to surprise him so that this day remains forever engraved in the history of the couple. One has to adapt its demand with the temperament, the character of the other, to take into account the history of the couple and its evolution in time.
Demands are much diversified. To give you an overview I propose 7 ideas for the proposal of marriage.
7 ideas for proposal of marriage:

  • In an open-air restaurant near the sea: Ensure complicity with the staff that will be happy to contribute to this event. Arrange for your half to take a dessert ice cream. While she enjoys this ice it falls on the jewel so hoped. If possible in the presence of one or more family members. Surprise guaranteed!
  • In a cake: Make a cake using a recipe on the net, slide the ring before putting it in the oven. If several people eat this cake, place the right piece in the proper plate.
  • On electronic billboards: Arrange with the company that manages the announcements and ensure that your other passes through this route at key times (days, dates, times). Being at his side at the precise moment prevents the risks of accidents.
  • On the radio: The animators ask only that then contact them a few days before to schedule the announcement. Arrange for your partner to be at home at the announcement … (in the car there would be a risk of accident)
  • On a plane: As in some romantic films, complicity with the crew is necessary. When the aircraft reaches its cruising speed the captain makes a most original announcement … Everyone is looking for the person concerned, when she says yes everyone applauds
  • By the press: In the classified ads section of her/him favorite newspaper, make your request as a special announcement by playing on colors, writing characters and boxes.
  • Messages: SMS, MMS, mail, virtual cards, but always offer his ring at the next meeting!And don’t forget that you decide the changes in your life!  

      Stephanie CM    

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