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We live in a world constantly stressed and our daily rhythm disrupts our body system on all levels.

It becomes difficult to pose and breathe a little.

Here are some tips that can help you better understand the passing of time without neglecting SOS of our being.

  • Eat 3-5 fruits and vegetables a day in any form (juice, stewed fruit, vegetables, salads, soups …) preferably homemade
  • Drink 1 to 2 liters of water per day according to your abilities, limit soft drinks and syrups (mint, grenadine …)
  • Limit too sugary foods (candy, milk chocolate…), salty (cold cuts, industrial flat …), too fat (pâté, terrine …) and prioritize food without preservatives, no additives, no artificial colors…
  • Prefer vegetable protein (soy …) limit those of animal origin (prefer white meat such as poultry and eggs … reduce your intake of red meat [beef…])
  • Make cures supplements per period and depending on your nutritional needs (zinc for immune and beauty of the skin, magnesium to reduce stress and muscle cramps, calcium for strong bones, vitamins (A, C, D E …) for fitness and well-being, yeast hair and nails and digestive comfort …). Make first call your doctor before starting any treatment as a precaution and especially to target your real needs
  • Practice sport (indoors or outdoors) 2 to 3 times per week and / or physical activity (take the kids to school on foot, cycling to work, walking the dog …)
  • Opt for the least possible chemical cosmetics (without preservatives, parabens, silicone …); make 1 scrubbing the skin and a mask 2 times a week. Limit shampoos favoring hair conditioners and hair masks 2 times a week with a good oil bath (coconut, shea butter, olive … for dry and / or damaged, for example). Cleanse the skin every night with cleanser then a night cream.

Change your routine habits!
Your physical well-being will help you achieve a moral and financial wellbeing!

Good luck for the challenge!!!

Stephanie CM

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