7 keys to reconquer his / her partner according to Stephanie CM

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7 keys to reconquer his / her partner according to Stephanie CM

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Couple life isn’t easy. It is marked by highs and lows which follow one another in continuity. It even happens to get lost in this daily slump. Habits invade our lives and trials follow each other. The reconquest of the other begins with that of the self in order to stabilize or relaunch a relationship that has sometimes become boring.
But how to reconquer his / her partner?
I propose 7 keys to succeed this mission.
 7 keys to reconquer his / her partner

  • Forget the fear of losing him/her (Your partner isn’t your object but a separate Being different from you)
  • Bet on positive communication (avoid unnecessary disputes … prefer to go out to breathe and come back when you have calmed down), agree to make concessions, try to understand your thoughts, don’t shout when you talk to him, listen to him … )
  • Refresh your look and take care of yourself (new haircut, new style of dress …) to seduce it again
  • Cultivate mutual trust (avoid interrogations, suspicions unfounded, crises of jealousy …)
  • Book moments of complicity for your couple (improvised dinners …)
  • Stay creative to avoid falling into the routine (new recipes of kitchen, new interior decoration …)
  • Don’t be in demand and don’t seem to be acquainted: find new activities, establish new contacts and concentrate on your objectives (professionals, personal …)      

And don’t forget that you decide the changes in your life!

By Stephanie CM

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