7 Keys to limit mosquito bites

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7 Keys to limit mosquito bites

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It’s summer weather is nice and warm but the mosquitoes begin to disturb us.

In some tropical countries and regions of the Hexagon, appear diseases such as zika, chikungunya, dengue … that reduce our immune system constantly.
Flee these insects now becomes a long obstacle course and repellents and insecticides are entering a red carpet.
But how to protect themselves from mosquito bites without becoming intoxicated?
I propose 7 keys to better combat the phenomenon.

7 Keys to limit mosquito bites :

• Wear long clothing in clear color (fine fabrics for not too hot. Dark colors attract mosquitoes) to cover your arms and legs especially when you spend your evenings and days outside
• Close doors and windows of your home before 6 pm and put the air conditioning, brewers of air and fans running (usually time of the fly). Personally my house is closed on 5 pm .
Ventilate your home in the morning from 7 to 8 am to let the morning flight
• Install repellent plants naturally beside the windows and / or gateways such as citronella; geranium; lavender … They will scent delicately these places
• Install screens on windows and the rooms (beds, cribs …)
• Eliminate standing water outside reservoirs (saucers of flowerpots, buckets, bins, …) cover water tanks and regularly change the water in flower vases inside the house to kill larvae
• Mix a few drops of essential oil of lemon eucalyptus with your cream to spread it all over the body. Its smell repels mosquitoes
• Choose foods rich in vitamin B2 or vitamin B complex (the sweating caused repels mosquitoes)

Finally enjoy all your summer holiday with family and friends!

Stephanie CM

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