7 Keys to Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

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7 Keys to Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

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The festive atmosphere of the Holiday season brings us into a whirlwind of euphoria that pushes us to want to become better for the year to come. Thus good New Year’s resolutions can be born. Resolutions are not fantasies and even less wishes. When we are really determined to respect them, they often cause positive changes in our lives. Unfortunately, many people set goals they can never keep and will soon forget about them a month later. How do you make good decisions? So I propose 7 keys to hold the right New Year resolutions.

7  Keys to Keeping New Year’s Resolutions :

  • List your resolutions precisely on a sheet in order of priorities, limiting them as much as possible (1 to 5 maximum). Too much damage to the success of the project
  • Set goals that are realistic and accurate (I decrease my packs of cigarettes before thinking about stopping smoking completely. For example, 8 packs per week I go to 6 in the first month and then 5 to the second … until I Stop completely).
  • Make sure that this is your decision and not the decision of others. (I am conscious that my overweight harms my health so it’s better for me to lose weight a little). And not “you’re fat you have to diet! “
  • Encourage positive feedback each week (note and measure your progress). This will help you cultivate patience.
  • Engage with your loved ones to motivate you. (I decided to quit smoking, I am counting on you to encourage me). This will entail positive pressure that will push you to achieve your goals.
  • When you are discouraged visualize your success (When I have lost the 6 kilos I can finally put on this beautiful dress that made me look like a queen!)
  • Start immediately. Why wait ?

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