5 Keys to prepare his trip

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5 Keys to prepare his trip

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The summer holidays and the end of the year are synonymous with escape and entertainment.
But for a good stay you better prepare properly without forgetting the details.
Thus, I propose 5 key to properly prepare his trip.

5 Keys to prepare his trip :

  1. Ask your leave before and if your company allows some non-Bump performed RTT
  2. Prepare your “Malette mobility”, which covers all administrative documents needed to know:
  • Your passport (country outside the European Union and International) or your identity card (EU countries) valid (keep a copy in your suitcase and a home for easy replacement in case of loss or theft). Visa. NOTE: ESTA is required to go to the United States. Remember to make the online experience a few days before departure. Citizens of countries not subject to the visa requirement must obtain an electronic travel authorization (AVE) to fly to and from Canada. Exemptions include, among others, citizens of the United States and travelers with valid Canadian visas.
    Your credit card and the universal number for assistance and repatriation in case of emergency. Check with your financial advisor the feasibility of financial transactions abroad. Consider asking your bank’s phone number in opposition in case of loss, theft or fraudulent use of your credit card.
    Keep you on some of your foreign currency or euros. Take only liquid you need for the day, and leave the security remains where you’ll spend the night. In case of loss or theft of wallet, you will not have lost everything!
    Don’t forget your health insurance card (Carte Vitale). If you’re traveling in Europe, have the European Health Insurance Card with the CPAM to benefit from support for necessary medical care during a temporary stay in another EU country.
    • Keep on the addresses and telephone numbers of embassies and consulates in the destination country, as well as those of your loved ones
    Take your prescriptions: they may be requested if you are carrying drugs, or be useful if you are taken to hospital.
    • Your transport tickets.

3. Vaccines
In some countries, you can be in contact with serious diseases (yellow fever …) that do not exist in France, but that can be prevented through vaccination. Check with your doctor depending on your destination.

4. Travel Insurance
It is highly recommended to subscribe to travel insurance (repatriation, cancellation …) to get compensation in case of problems

5. Keep you on the necessities for your wellness (sunscreen, mist, soothing essential oils in case of insect bites …) as well as drugs of first aid (for turista, gastroenteritis, headache, diarrhea …) and a first aid kit

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