The 5 keys to finding Love

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The 5 keys to finding Love

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Finding love remains a daily challenge for many people. Previously, meetings were often due to the chance of circumstances (work, leisure …). Today meeting the « right person » becomes over time a business affair (dating sites of all kinds, speed-dating …). The quest for true love has turned into a lottery where everyone searches for the « pearl rare » or « shoe to his foot ». Relationships become ephemeral and « Great Love » loses some of its value. But after the meeting comes the relationship of couple in all its complexity. They are 2 Complementary Beings who together seek happiness while fostering the fulfillment of each one.

Therefore I propose keys to those who keep a conception of true love lost in a field of illusions and who wish to walk together in a relationship that evolves positively.

The 5 keys to finding Love:

  • Sort in your past by chasing negative elements and keep what is positive
  • Learn to know yourself better by becoming aware of your authenticity (talents, values, qualities / defects, limits / abilities …)
  • Have an open mind and available to create opportunities for meetings
  • Let go of the new relationship, avoid comparing it with past relationships
  • Enjoy this new relationship by creating complicity from the start

And don’t forget that you decide the changes in your life!

Stephanie CM

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