« Our bodies are distant but our souls are close »: How to manage a long distance relation?

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« Our bodies are distant but our souls are close »: How to manage a long distance relation?

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Here are the testimonials of 2 couples who have agreed to share their experience. The first duo currently lives a remote relationship; the second has already experienced this art of living and wishes to testify in order to encourage the other tandems that bear with difficulty this test.

Couple 1: Christine 22 years old (resides in Barcelona in Spain) and Marc 24 years (lives in Lyon in France). These are 2 business students who live their relationship at full distance for 2 years.
Christine: « Every Friday I await our reunion for the weekend. Once in two I’m the one who meets him in his region. Every time I feel the same anguish, butterflies in the belly. My heart beats « (sparkling gaze)
Marc: « We keep in touch daily thanks to the smartphone and internet via (Skype). For nothing in the world I would miss our appointments. The distance is difficult but the intimate reunion is much better! « (With a smile)

Christine: « We take advantage of these short moments to share our passions! We go to the cinema; to the theater … Every weekend is different! He always surprises me! And I love it!  »
Marc: « Summer holidays also allow me to enjoy the Spanish landscapes and my girlfriend longer! I find that this lifestyle has advantages if both parties like it. For now it suits me!  »

Couple 2: Colette 52 years nurse in the hospital (Martinique) and Fred 56 years special educator (Guadeloupe) married for more than 15 years, they have 2 teenagers. For professional reasons this couple had to change their habits for 3 years. They are once again under the same roof and testify to their experience.
Colette: « Looking back I don’t think our couple would have survived without trust. We have already overcome so many hardships in our relationship! I had to educate our children alone for a while even though my husband was coming on a weekend out of two! I was like a single mother who had to manage her teenagers»
Fred: « You know every day we talked at length on the phone to take stock of our days. I must admit that distance made it difficult for me to exercise my parental authority with our children. Communication for me is paramount. The time of 2 weekends a month made me relive a little family life. But my physical presence was lacking at home and my teenagers didn’t bother to remind me! Yes it was difficult on this plan!  »
Colette: « On the other hand, our reunion was always a magical moment! The daily life didn’t exist! Desire grew each time a notch! And our ties were tightening more and more. My husband is again the kindly man I knew in our beginnings but better! « (Smile)
Fred: « Following this experience I have found complicity with my wife that I thought had long since lost. With a little distance I admit that this event has finally helped to weld a little more our couple.  »

As you have noticed the couple relationships at a distance are far from simple; Geographical distance complicates the situation but doesn’t necessarily make it impossible, provided that concessions are made on both sides. Today’s technologies are helping to overcome these difficulties, but confidence, desire, complicity, surprise and communication seem to be the key words of a couple that lasts. Thus, the determination and the strength of character of the main concerned remain indispensable to sustain a relationship unusual over time.

And don’t forget that you decide the changes in your life!

By Stephanie CM

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