How Stephanie CM organizes a Family picnic?

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How Stephanie CM organizes a Family picnic?

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Family life is a daily challenge. At the time of our grandparents it seemed hard but the parasites of today (video games, television, computers ….) didn’t exist yet and  families often took advantage of unforgettable moments. Solidarity and intra-family communication prevailed. The simplest things amused our parents. Currently, enjoying each other seems difficult as the external parasites push us to forget the simplest things. The weekends seem boring and all look alike. To live joyful moments the world today pushes us to spend ever more and to enjoy the pleasures of nature is rarefied over time. For all these reasons I propose a very simple activity that I practice from time to time in family and that gathers the generations. Let’s go picnic with your family! (Beach, mountain, valley, river …)
I propose 7 tracks to organize a joyful picnic that shines in simplicity.

1. The day before

• I already think about the menu to propose the next day (mixed salads: rice, pasta, potatoes, quinoa with fruit for dessert and cupcakes for them in case …)
• I check that all the ingredients are present in order to get to me as soon as possible what’s missing (sufficient quantity of water, rice … according to the number of people)
• I prepare drinks (homemade juice / tea …), and keep them cool
• I set my alarm clock at the desired time

2. The D-Day

• At the survey we prepare the meal calmly (for my part a salad of dough, potatoes or rice, homemade sandwich, homemade tarts, cupcakes … enough). I simplify the menu to the maximum.
• As a family we fill our baskets / bags (bath sheets, towels, icebox, crossword puzzles, arrowheads, mingles … books, newspapers, balls, games, sandbox … not to mention sunglasses, hats and creams I prefer small / medium bowls for meals because we are few, otherwise your canaries, plates and disposable cutlery will do the trick. For my home the bowls are ready for use practical question )
• Before departure we take stock of things to wear, put everything in the car and …


And don’t forget that you decide the changes in your life!

Stephanie CM

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